8 Reasons Why the BackXPack Smart Backpack is the Best Choice for Travelers, Commuters, Students & More!

Backpacks are no longer simply containers made of canvas with arm straps that we use to transport items from One place to another. In these modern times of the 21st century we are looking for a bag that will do so much more than simply hold our lunch and carry our gym shorts. We are looking for innovative technology, sleek design, practicality, and style; and this is where the Siena backpack really shines. Finding the perfect smart backpack is no longer a mystery. The cat’s out of the bag so to speak.

Don’t make any sacrifices with your new backpack such as trading stylish design for features or uncomfortable straps for roominess. The BackXPack Backpack is revolutionizing the backpack market by offering everything a user could want from an eye-catching design to security to modern features and much more.

BackXPack backpack review Best high capacity backpack

It’s suitable for a variety of people and a variety of lifestyles

In a world that celebrates diversity and uniqueness (and rightly so), it seems almost incomprehensible to source a single product that can stretch across the divide of lifestyle, demographics and life stage. And yet, the BackXPack backpack, one of the best backpack in 2021, does just that. This bag is perfect for the modern traveler, the everyday city commuter, the office professional, and students lugging a laptop and their weight in books. Versatility at its finest.

BackXPack Review

It’s stylish

With the intricate leather details and the structured design of the backpack itself, the overall look is one of sleekness and beautiful craftsmanship. Perfect for the office, the mall or a day spent exploring both nature and city; the design is elegant, stream-lined and modern. The neutral color accents and the timeless style ensure that you’ll look the part no matter the occasion.

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It’s practical

While we all desire a daily backpack that is fashion-forward and stylish, we obviously need to ensure that it’s practical and functional too. The BackXPack backpack seems to tick all the boxes in this regard. Fitted with a non-obtrusive water holder, a fleece-lined sunglasses pouch, and a 15-inch laptop compartment, it’s ideal for transporting everything from valuable gadgets to a post-hike lunch. Another plus is the durable fabric that makes it weather, water and scratch resistant allowing you to worry less and play and work more.

It has on the go charging

BackXPack backpack review

The true test of modern times? A cellphone that can be charged while still being on the go. With the easily accessible USB port on the backpack, BackXPack once again pulls out all the stops for the modern traveler and the desire for all-day connection.

Listening to music, replying to emails, and navigating Google Maps while bustling about the city has never been easier.

Stay connected with the BackXPack Smart Backpack. This backpack includes a USB charging port so that you can make sure your phone, laptop, tablet and more are charged and ready for use.

This could be important if you are traveling in a foreign land or you are hiking and want peace of mind that you’ll have a charged phone you can use to contact someone if something goes wrong.

It has anti-theft features

The backpack fits snugly and ergonomically on the body making it safe against unwanted access or intrusion; and with the discrete pocket tucked away against your back, there’s the welcomed peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure.

Smart Organisation

BackXPack backpack review Best high capacity backpack

Being someone who needs to cram many items into my daily backpack, one of my favorite features of this backpack was the ability to keep many items organised simultaneously.

The inside of the bag is spacious and roomy with many dedicated, internal compartments that have been thoughtfully designed for valuables, gadgets and any other bits and bobs.

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In goes my DSLR, laptop, books, portable battery pack, cellphone, wallet, sweater, and enough snacks to feed an army. Inside the backpack there is also a small transparent pocket sleeve which is helpful for storing smaller items that you may need to reach for in a hurry.

In goes my keys, travel card, spare cash, headphones and an emergency pack of tissues.

BackXPack Benefit

BackXpack Comfort Level

As any girl in high-heels knows, fashion doesn’t often equal comfort. Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to the BackXPack backpack. Padded shoulder pads, ventilated material and a very comfortable, ergonomic fit ensure that the wearer is comfortable in a variety of environments despite the load.

BackXPack Best backpack for air travel review

Fantastically suited to air travel

When used with roller luggage, the strap at the back makes it easy to attach to the top of a wheelie-bag ensuring that getting to your departure gate is a hassle-free event.

Additionally, the sleek, compact structure of the bag also means that it can easily be tucked under an airplane seat or up in the overhead cabin, making it perfect for commuting via air.

A definite highlight of the backpack is the focused attention to evenly distributed weight support.

This feature is excellent for those wanting to head up a mountain, students carrying heavy books, favorite smartwatch or even just people enduring the daily grind of the morning subway.

How To Buy BackXPack Backpack

All in all, I’d say that this smart backpack is excellently suited to the modern world and is perfect for day to night use for everyone from travelers, students, professionals, and the everyday average Joe and Josephine. Two enthusiastic thumbs-up from me.

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