Clear View Glasses Review – Does It Really Help You See At Night?


When you are on the road, safety is something that you can never be sure of. There are certain steps and precautions one can take to make the route safe and easy to go through. Sharp glare can end up causing obstruction and disturbances, affecting the person driving to a dangerous level. When you encounter such a situation, it isn’t easy to control. With the Clear View Glasses, you can make these challenging situations much safer. These are modern night vision glasses that can get you home safe and sound.

Driving at night can be very tricky, and the absence of streetlights in some areas can cause a huge problem. It can be dangerous and fatal because your vision gets impaired with the headlights that are pointing straight into your eyes. These Clear View Glasses serve to be a driving aid and are quite effective. 

The light that comes into your eyes is a huge obstruction and makes the experience riskier with time. The sight of the person reduces to a huge extent and makes it dangerous to drive in these conditions. Limited vision can make the driving risky, and more effort needs to be put into it. But with the latest eyeglass technology, this problem is eliminated. These glasses are similar to night vision glasses that make driving much easier at night. 


Clearview is a pair of glasses that are specially designed to improve visibility during difficult and hard conditions at night. It helps you see more clearly and helps in avoiding car accidents. Every driver must purchase this product, and it provides the utmost safety and helps in preventing every bad situation that one can encounter in his or her lives. Once you purchase these pair of glasses, you realize how good a decision you have made, and you will feel much safer and alert after putting them on.


  1. These glasses block the bright and sharp lights with an instant reduction in the glare from the traffic that is coming in front. 
  2. These glasses enable one to see clearly in the dark, and the special yellow tint in it helps increase the overall contrast during darkness. You will be able to see everything clearly once you have these glasses on at night.
  3. You and your family will always feel more protected and safer without having a fear of driving at night.
  4. These glasses offer tons of protection to your eyes against the blinding glare that comes out of high beam lights.
  5. Clear View comes with anti-reflective lenses on the inner and outer coating.
  6. The lens on it is polarized and comes with a yellow filter.
  7. These glasses help in getting rid of eye fatigue.
  8. The frames are made with sturdy materials and are heavy duty.
  9. These glasses are unisex and come with four different frame styles, which are modern and sleek.
  10. These glasses offer the functionality of night vision, durability and come with an adjustable nose pad.
  11. These glasses are extremely lightweight.
  12. They come with a 2X scratch guard coating to protect them from the inside and the outside lens.


Anybody who drives during the night must invest in these night vision glasses for utmost safety and protection. 

The reason for so many accidents to occur at night is major because of blinded vision, even though there is lesser traffic on the road. To avoid this problem and any accidents, one must get the Clear View Glasses and achieve the features of seeing clearly at night, with utmost safety and protection. 


These glasses work in a complicated, yet easy mechanism. These Clear View glasses can be worn easily, and you do need any contact lenses or other prescription glasses. The lenses on these glasses are coated with anti-blue ray layers, which help with blocking out the blue light that is emitted from the modern and new car headlights. Once this blue light is removed, the lights that are coming from the traffic in front become much sharper, eventually reducing the strain on the eyes.

You can easily wear these night vision glasses on your own, and the polarized lenses that come in these glasses help clear the vision from the unnecessary obstructions and distractions. Along with that, these glasses use the technology from the transition lenses. 

The Clear View glasses automatically adapt to the different light conditions and adjust to the light depending upon the condition of the environment quite easily.


It is quite risky to drive in the dark, and the Clear View glasses effectively help block these risks by making it much safer for one to drive around easily without any fear.

Clear View is not only known to block the blinding lights but also lets the driver see much more clearly in the dark. When you increase the contrast on these glasses, you can see even if it is completely dark out there. 

Moreover, the polarized lenses completely change the way the light is received through the eyes. The vision is immediately cleared up using these lenses and from the other objects. Additionally, these night vision glasses adapt to different conditions effectively and mould themselves depending upon the condition of the environment.


  1. Usable with a variety of glasses: Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, it doesn’t matter. The Clear View lenses can be used with any pair of glasses. 
  2. Lightweight: These glasses are neither bulky nor heavy and usually come in lemon yellow color, which makes it to be stylish and unisex as well. The lenses are quite light compared to the mix of technology that is embedded inside them. 
  3. Anti-glare technology: These glasses are made with anti-glare technology that is made to block out all the harsh blue light, which is emitted from the high beam lights. You do not have to squint your eyes anymore when other oncoming drivers forget to turn their beam to low.
  4. Photochromic Lenses: The photochromic lenses inside these glasses help one see easier even with poor visibility. The lenses are polarized, which changes the way light is reflected and removes all the unwanted reflections from the eyes.


  1. Comfortable: The glasses are designed in such a way that one size fits everybody. Those with a larger or smaller head don’t need to worry, because these glasses will fit you and keep you safe.
  2. Full Vision: These glasses come with a protective frame that offers the full vision and is perfect by encompassing all the blind spots that one can encounter while driving.
  3. Anti-glare: You can get over the fear of not being able to see clearly while driving. The Clear View glasses and anti-glare glasses and the yellow tint on them make everything around much more vibrant and clear.
  4. Headaches: These vision-enhancing glasses are quite useful and help get rid of headaches to a large extent. 


These glasses are easy to use and can be used at any point in time.

  • You don’t need to wear prescription glasses to drive anymore and wear the Clear View glasses to take care of all your vision needs.
  • You can adjust your vision glasses comfortably so that it sits on your nose. Make sure that the glasses are not blocking the vision in any way.
  • With these glasses, you can drive around comfortably during rainy or foggy weather conditions. These glasses block the glare from the headlights and make it easy to drive around.


These are a good pair of glasses and can directly be bought from the manufacturer’s website. It comes with special deals and provides a great experience, making it safe for you and your family to drive around during the night.


Wearing night vision glasses is one of the many techniques that you can use to drive safely during the night. You can save yourself from any accidents and unforeseen circumstances by wearing these night glasses. 

Also, there are some additional tips that you can consider for driving safely at night:

  • Wear clean eyewear lenses and headlights.
  • You can dim the lights on your dashboard.
  • Get your self-checked for any night vision problems.
  • Use anti-reflecting coating on prescription eyeglasses. 


Night Driving is never fun for everyone, and it can disturb your vision and tamper the way you drive. These Clear View Glasses are a great buy and help to keep your family safe and happy at all times, protecting from unforeseen circumstances. They come in a modern yellow-tinted colour and are quite fashionable to wear along with utmost functionality. These glasses are perfect for people who get blinded easily and have trouble while driving. This product is highly recommended and is a great product for all those who drive.

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