Cool Air Review 2020- Is The Cool Air Personal Air Purifier Worth It?


Not everyone can deal with the scorching heat every summer. It doesn’t suit the body of various individuals and finding a product that makes you feel better is available but is mostly really expensive. Cool Air is a compact air cooler that helps to cool your surroundings within a matter of 10 minutes. This cooler is known to be energy-efficient and is affordable, making it not too hard on your pocket. 

Compared to other air conditioners in the market, Cool Air is much better than all the other gadgets. It comes packed with portability and is extremely energy-efficient, making it cool to a capacity that makes this cooler stand out in front of the others. This is the best personal air cooler to keep your electricity bills low and gives out the best possible maximum cooling.

The mechanism with which Cool Air works is that it sucks in the hot air and replaces it with fresher and cooler Air. It also gives out the great smell and helps convert the unpleasant smell to a fresh one. The device is quite compact, and you can carry it with you wherever you go. This is a great product to you, especially with kids around.


Cool Air is a three-speed portable air conditioner or cooler that helps to keep your environment cool while saving on the money spent on paying your electricity bill. This air cooler is the best alternative to the expensive and bulky air conditioners in the market, and it is a powerful and efficient alternative to all the fans as well.

This product is a compact and lightweight one and can efficiently be stored in any corner of your space. It uses about 10 minutes to cool the area, and compared to other coolers, and it is quite cost-effective and energy-efficient as well. This cooler can be used round the clock and consumers less power and electricity, making it to be one of the most budget-friendly gadgets in the market.

There are a variety of air coolers available in the market, and you always have to be vigilant to check the water level. Cool Air is unique and automatically switches off when the water level falls below a certain level, and refilling the tank is super easy. You have to open the door at the top of the cooler and fill it to 300ml and then close it.

This air cooler is portable and is quite light in weight. You can carry with you wherever you go, and this cooler is much more efficient than others and effectively cools your surroundings within 10 minutes. Using this cooler, you can cool whatever surroundings you want. Also, this cooler is an energy-efficient one and doesn’t end up increasing your electricity bills with additional consumption of power and energy.

Cool Air also comes with the feature of cleaning the air around the area and is capable of humidifying the air around you, without making any noise. This one works quite silently and efficiently, and it also helps to keep your budget in place. The cooler is packed with features and also helps in the purification of Air. It comes with an evaporating filter fitted inside, and the filter helps with trapping all the airborne and pollutants in the Air. It throws out fresh Air outside. Apart from this, it comes with a moonlight setting that comes in 8 different colors. These lights are quite useful at night, and some of the colors that are displayed are quite soothing to the body, keeping your body relaxed at all times.

This device is super compact and can be placed anywhere conveniently. You can place it in your bathrooms, your bedrooms, living room, making it quite easy to use at all times. 


  • This air cooler comes with three different fan speed settings.
  • It is powered through a USB port for easy and convenient power supply.
  • The tank has a water capacity of about 300 ml, and it can last for about 8 hours easily.
  • It also provides eight different moonlight settings.
  • This air cooler is compact and lightweight.
  • This air cooler is also absolutely portable and can be carried around wherever you go quite easily.
  • It comes including a lifetime warranty.
  • This cooler is a cost-effective alternative to cooling and helps with saving a lot of money.
  • This air cooler also works as a humidifier and an air purifier to keep the environment around you pure and clean at all times.


The Cool Air is a small, cube-shaped cooler that measures about 17 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm, making it to be the most convenient and compact product. 

The water inside the tank is absorbed through the cartridge, which spreads evenly covering the entire area. The fan blows in hot Air over the water and evaporates, eventually cooling the Air and adding moisture to it. The water tank offers 3 to 5 hours of cooling, and the cartridge is capable of absorbing about 400 ml of water. You can refill the cartridge easily, and it comes providing about 8 hours of cooling.

It is easy to control the Cool Air Cooler due to the buttons placed on the top panel. You can easily press and hold the middle button to turn the cooler on and off. Additionally, you can easily use the speed and temperature adjustment buttons as well. It comes to offer three fan speed settings, providing plenty of room to offer between a gentle breeze to a burst of Fresh Air.

To access the main menu, you have to tap the button once. This additionally allows you to adjust the colour of the water tank, and you can easily match it to the décor and feel of your house as well. In the night mode, the tank light goes out, and the main screen darkens, to make for no distraction. You can also shine a chosen colour when the cartridge is dry, alerting you when it is time to refill.


Cool Air operates with the best efficiency and functionality when the water has been filled to the brim. The cooling effect of the cooler depends upon the environmental temperature and the humidity in the atmosphere. Cool Air comes with a guide that shows the performance of the cooler.

Cool Air is quite an efficient device and is perfect for cooling a room within 10 minutes. It is an extremely useful device when it comes to sleeping or keeping your body cool on a hot night. It is mostly a silent device and does not cause any disturbances throughout the day. It takes minimum power consumption and consumes much lesser energy compared to an air conditioner. This Cool Air cooler is powered through a micro-USB and can also operate when connected to a computer.


  • It has the capability of being manually controlled. It comes with a 3-fan speed setting that lets you set it according to your needs and specifications.
  • This cooler is quite an energy-efficient and ends up consuming less power and energy.
  • It also helps with cleaning the Air around you and humidifying it at the same time. Your surroundings are always fresh and clean with this air cooler.
  • The water tank can last for about 8 hours, making it quite a long-lasting product.
  • The cooler is lightweight and is quite compact. You can store it in any corner of your room, and you can also carry it with you on vacations.
  • There are eight different settings available for moonlight.
  • It helps prevent your family from getting any viruses or allergies as it also works as an air purifier. 
  • The filter that comes in the product helps with trapping all the airborne particles, and hence, it is the ideal investment for those who have asthma or other respiratory problems.
  • The cooling effect can occur in about 10 minutes only.
  • This is quite an effective product and is energy-efficient as well.


To use this air cooler, there are very simple steps that you need to follow that have been demonstrated below:

  1. Unwrap the package and take out the device from the package.
  2. Next, place it in whatever room you prefer and anywhere you would like it to be at that particular point of time.
  3. You can easily fill the tank by opening the door at the top of the cooler and fill about 300ml of water in it.
  4. Once all this is done plug in the air cooler.
  5. You can also plug it inside a USB port easily.
  6. Now you have to enjoy the cool and fresh air that is coming out of the cooler.
  7. The setting and the fan speed can easily be changed, and you can set it to any moonlight that you desire.
  8. Refilling of the tank takes place after every 8 hours.


This product calls for easy maintenance, and taking care of this device is quite easy. Certain things need to be kept in mind for maintaining this cooler:

  • Refill the tank always. Once every 8 hours make sure to refill the tank and never turn on the air cooler without filling up the tank because it might end up spoiling the product over time.
  • Also, this product comes with an evaporative filter that needs to be cleaned periodically, regularly. With the thousands of dirt and particles in our atmosphere, this filter ends up getting dirty too often and hence, cleaning it will eventually make the product last longer.

This air cooler is a great investment for your pockets and carrying it around is also quite easy and convenient due to its lightweight and compact nature.


Cool Air is quite affordable, and you can directly buy it from the official website. It is cost-effective, energy-efficient and lightweight, making it to be the ideal investment for all homes possible. There are various deals and offers also provided on the portal that makes the product even cheaper and budget-friendly.


This product cannot be compared to the standard cooling devices because they are much more expensive and end up covering a larger area. Cool Air is a compact and lightweight cooler that can easily fit anywhere in your rooms and can end up cooling the entire room within 10 minutes only. It is energy efficient and does not spike up your electricity bills, unlike other bulky air conditioners. So, hurry up and grab your Cool Air cooler now and avail the special discounts running on this product.

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