EchoBeat Wireless Earbuds – Review & Buyer’s Guide

October 2019: Latest start-up out of Silicon Valley has just launched the latest generation of wireless earphones, giving Apple’s AirPods a real run for their money. With thousands of Americans already convinced, EchoBeat have created the first sound revolution of the year. EchoBeat promises to make a difference…

What Is EchoBeat

The audio market has taken off over the past few years. Music-lovers have seen their habits change and slowly adapt to various new options on the market, from headphones to traditional cable earphones, and the launch of course of iPods and similar products.

EchoBeat earbuds are the pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that resemble Apple AirPods and, according to the company, provide crystal-clear audio quality and long-lasting battery life.

echobeat earbuds review
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These Bluetooth earphones with their ergonomic design give extreme wear-ability and comfort. Once in your ears, they stay there. You can take part in intense activities like running, climbing, camping or horse-riding without the slightest worry that your earphones are going to slip out.

How does EchoBeat Earbuds Work ?

The very first thing to notice about these earbuds is that they look very similar to Apple air pods. They are white in color, are wireless (uses Bluetooth technology) are very comfortable to wear.

These earbuds connect to your device via Bluetooth 4.2 technology that works with Android, Apple or any other Bluetooth powered device. The earbuds also features noise-cancelling technology that filters out unwanted external noise and the sound flowing out of earbuds provides an exceptional HD stereo sound.

best bluetooth earbuds

In an exclusive interview with Frank, the creator of EchoBeat, he told us –

 “I’m a real music fan, but I was fed up of buying earphones and headphones to be disappointed by their performance. So after graduating from engineering school, I decided to create my own brand. The first thing I did was to find a team of professionals as dedicated to the listening experience as me. This is how we came up with EchoBeat, top of the range, yet affordable earphones. In no time, we were able to secure funding for the project. Our success comes from the passion we have for the product and working hard to make it a reality.”

Features of EchoBeat

Thanks to their integrated wireless technology, the users enjoy the best voice and sound quality available on the market. Some of the most advanced features of the echobeat are –

  • Superior Audio Quality – Crystal clear audio, raw bass, supreme audio technology that surpasses even leading brand specifications
  • Charge On The Go – The portable carry case can charge offer 14 hours of playtime by charging the earphones when not in use.
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 Technology – V4.2 Bluetooth for increased data transmission speed and a stable signal. Lighting-fast connection.
  • Broad Compatibility – Compatible with Apple, Android, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
echobeat wireless bluetooth headphones

Echobeat Review – Price and Return policy

As compared to competing brands like Samsung and Apples ,the price of these wireless earbuds is much lower.

  • 1 X Echo Beat @ $69.99
  • 3 X Echo Beat @ $99.99
  • 5 X Echo Beat @ $149.99

As you increase the number of echobeat earbuds, the discount is increased thus decreasing the cost of the wireless headphone. You’ll pay around $30 per set if you buy 5 instead of the $69.99 you pay for buying just 1 set.

Who are EchoBeat for?

First and foremost, EchoBeat are for anyone who loves music and wants to listen to it with the best quality possible. Anyone who wants to do sport while listening to their favorite tunes, as well as professionals who need to stay connected but are constantly on the move.

Integrated next generation Bluetooth 4.2 delivers crystal clear audio! Complete stereo sound even when answering calls. Sleek design delivers maximum security and comfort. Ultra lightweight and easy to use.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

As per our research, Echobeat is the absolute VALUE FOR MONEY at such a low price and a 50% Discount. They offer almost “premium quality” at low price, sound connectivity with all devices Android, iOS, etc. and huge battery life for their size. When you buy EchoBeat, you get everything you need to experience high-quality music and hands-free calls.

The box contains two earpieces, a charging box, a USB charging cable, and an easy-to-follow user manual. If you run into any problems, there’s excellent customer service on hand to solve even the most complicated of issues.


How to buy EchoBeat ?

That’s easy, at the moment you can buy EchoBeat 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  1. Order EchoBeat from the supplier’s website.
  2. Install your earphones on your phone and start enjoying exceptional sound quality
  3. Forget about charging EchoBeat with the incredible battery life


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