GoPure Pod Water Purifier: The First Ever Portable Water Filter System

The GOpure Pod is a purification device that purchasers can put in their water bottles to create cleaner water than what they get from the tap. The device works for two weeks at a time before needing to be cleaned for continued production. GOpure Pod: An Overview We all know single-use plastic water bottles aren’t good for the … Read more


Are you a pet lover; Your dog, puppy, and cats want their nails to be always clean and in perfect condition? Most pet owners don’t have the slightest clue that when a dog’s nails are too long, they can quickly become uncomfortable and actually change the way your dog moves and carries its weight. If … Read more

Lung Master Review 2022 – What you should know about it?

Since the day you were born, no one has ever taught you to breathe. Like your heartbeat, breathing is an automatic process. However, the more activities you do, the more your lungs get tired and start collapsing, leading to insufficient breath. There is then a need for an array of hand-held devices that supposedly train … Read more

TheraICE Compression Sleeves Review

TheraICE compression sleeve review

The innovative TheraICE compression Sleeve is an innovative, American-made product that converts a modern compression sleeve into a clean and convenient cold therapy device. Designed for both men and women, the Freeze Sleeve comes in six sizes, and can be used for 360 degrees of compression coverage on different areas of both the arms and … Read more

Aaptiv Workout App Ultimate Review 2020 – Your Own Private Fitness on Demand

AAPTIV WORKOUT APP REVIEW – INTRODUCTION Whatever gets you fit and active is what you will invest in Aaptiv Fitness is an app that aims to provide the best fitness experience ever. It is a fitness app that provides the best-structured workouts with motivating and enhancing music to your ears. This app was launched in … Read more

XWatch Bluetooth Smart Watch – Is It Apple Watch Alternative?

xwatch bluetooth smartwatch

The XWatch is (yet another) breakthrough offer discovered by the The Other Track Review Team, designed to be a massive hit in premium smart watch market. Although there are dozens of smartwatches out in the market, there is hardly anything better than this in smartwatch under $100 segment right now, all things considered. The Apple Watch Series … Read more

SoundPRO Sport – Brilliant Bluetooth Headphones That Makes Running Enjoyable

These Amazing Headphones Are The Most Comfortable You Can Find, and Will Make Listening To Music On The Go Easy. Most people find it hard to motivate themselves when it comes to exercise. This is even harder when it is difficult to listen to music. It is annoying when you are getting into your stride, … Read more

SenseSleep – Rest, Recharge, & Repeat on this Ergonomic Pillow

With around one in three of the population suffering from some form of insomnia, it seems that getting a good night’s rest can be a real challenge. From difficulty finding a comfortable position through to joint problems, sleep apnea, allergies, anxiety or a pillow surface that’s too harsh or non-absorbent, there are many reasons why … Read more

Quit Smoking: AcuStop saves your lungs and yourself

You can’t get rid of cigarettes? Tried to quit smoking several times, but unsuccessful? You’re not alone. 70% of smokers want the same as you, but only 59% really tries. This is the new stealthy solution for those who want to easily quit smoking! And it works! But only 3% are successful. That’s the addictive power … Read more

Tact Watch Review: Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This

Having a Smartwatch is a trend these days. If you have ever owned a smartwatch in your life, you might know how fragile, expensive, and how costly they can be to repair. T-Watch is being presented in market as the solution to all your Tactical smartwatch woes. Tactical watch is Designed by a team of … Read more