Winergy Review- The Smart Charger for your Smartphone

mobile wireless charger

The year 2012 saw the first wireless charging in a smartphone, however, of late, this has become very popular. In such cases, all you need to do is keep your smartphone on the surface and the phone will charge without an electrical point. However, you must remember that wireless charging is in its emergent stage. … Read more

Xtra PC Review – Best Device To Boost Your Computer Speed?

xtra pc

Our lives have been dominated by laptops, computers, desktops, etc. Be it a school, our workplace or even at home, this piece of technology has become quite critical for creating reports, submitting reports and completing the output. Be it even a simple activity like creating a specific food item, calls for the use of a … Read more

No more squinting at your phone screen thanks to TVShareMax’s HD mirroring

tv sharemax

Whether you live alone or share with friends or family, having to show someone a YouTube video or Netflix episode on your phone is annoying, to say the least. Thankfully the technology has arrived to save your eyes and make streaming content from your phone more enjoyable. TVShareMax is one of those innovative gadgets that make … Read more

XWatch Bluetooth Smart Watch – Is It Apple Watch Alternative?

xwatch bluetooth smartwatch

The XWatch is (yet another) breakthrough offer discovered by the The Other Track Review Team, designed to be a massive hit in premium smart watch market. Although there are dozens of smartwatches out in the market, there is hardly anything better than this in smartwatch under $100 segment right now, all things considered. The Apple Watch Series … Read more

Incredibly Useful Gadgets That Everyone’s Talking About in 2020!

best christmas gift

Having seen the popularity of the latest gadgets soar in the last 10 months, we have compiled best selling gadgets in 2020. New year is here and its time to fill your cart with amazing discounts. If you are looking for the sort of conveniences that will make your life easier, then the following products … Read more

Recommended Teeth Whitening Kits You Can Buy in 2019

We all have been suffering from costly teeth whitening at dentist. Finally some fresh air in the stagnating dental beauty industry. Could these products be the iPhone of teeth whitening tools? Every year majority of people spend hours at the dentist to have dirty coffee stains scrubbed from their teeth. Sitting at dentist in front of … Read more

PhoneX Review : Best Budget SmartPhone under $200


Being 7x cheaper than flagships, I never thought PhoneX could be worth anything at all. Luckly I was intrigued by the design to pick it up. And then. “Numbers say nothing about a device”, I used to say. I was a firm believer in pricey brand names. But the PhoneX completely flipped my way of thinking. The Phone … Read more

PhotoSave Photo Stick: Protect All Your Photos And Videos

Summary – Afraid of losing your photos because of a computer crashing? Not convinced by cloud storage? This affordable brand-new gadget photosave instantly backs up your memories – perfect for safekeeping! Nowadays we keep everything on our computers. Photographs of our loved ones’ latest birthdays, short videos of our grandchildren’s first steps, and snapshots from our most … Read more

XPhone Review: Best Smartphone Under $200

Summary: This Latest start-up has just launched the flagship smartphone called X Phone giving big smartphone company makers a real run for their money. With thousands of customers already convinced, XPhone is the first flagship smartphone of the new era costing three times less than the competition. XPhone is here to satisfy the most demanding smartphone users. … Read more

Still Paying For Cable? This Digital Antenna Review Might Help You

digital antenna

Summary: The American DigiTennaMax startup has introduced a new innovative and inexpensive digital antenna that is changing the way people watch expensive cable TV. Cable TV companies have made sure for the past 2 decades to be filling their pockets with your hard earned money. What we’re about to uncover, is going to not only shock … Read more