GoPure Pod Water Purifier: The First Ever Portable Water Filter System

The GOpure Pod is a purification device that purchasers can put in their water bottles to create cleaner water than what they get from the tap. The device works for two weeks at a time before needing to be cleaned for continued production.

GOpure Pod: An Overview

We all know single-use plastic water bottles aren’t good for the planet. But, we get why people are still buying them: The taste is oh-so-good. What if we told you there’s a way to get that bottled-level goodness, minus the waste?

GOpure’s On-the-Go Water Purifier Pod is the definition of small but mighty. The GOpure Pod water purifier is said to be very adaptable and portable. You should be able to use it in any appliance such as coffee machines or water bottles. The small device is made of diatomaceous earth, which the manufacturer says is food grade. It is supposed to be a natural filter that also occurs in nature.

GOpure’s Water Purifier Pod is that within just two minutes of dropping it into your water bottle, the water is already fresh-tasting and ready to drink. Every time you refill, it automatically starts working its magic again. The GOpure Pod cleans up the contaminants in the water by acting as a magnet.

Use this little water enhancer to purify tap water in a bottle for on-the-go drinking or in a pitcher for the whole family. GoPure’s porous ceramic absorbs impurities and releases trace minerals to balance the pH levels. And it uses an all-natural, fine-grain rock (Diatomite) to filter out lead, arsenic, chlorine, and other contaminants you don’t want in your system. It’s a portable solution for potable water.

Feature of GOPure Pod

By now, individuals are likely to have an idea as to what the benefits of GOpure Pod are at large. To put things into better perspective, our editorial team decided it might also be meaningful to review some of its noteworthy features. Most popular among consumers are its:

  • Removes All Bacteria, Impurities, and Metal: Unlike traditional purifiers or filters, you see in the markets, GoPure features a technology that can remove all the impurities, metal, and harmful bacteria from your water and clean it up to 99.9% within seconds.
  • Available in 4 Options: Yes, that’s true. GoPure Pod is available in four different options for every need. You can buy a starter pack that has 2 pods, purchase a pet pack, three packs, or even a family pack that has 5 purifiers in one pack. This makes the purifier a versatile solution for every requirement.
  • PuriBloc Technology: The gadget features an innovative and advanced ceramic PuriBloc technology that offers efficient cleaning within seconds no matter how much dirty your water is.
  • Earth-friendly Solution: The device is a purely earth-friendly solution as it is made of food-grade diatomaceous earth which is considered nature’s perfect filter.
  • Reduced Pollution: With the GoPure device, you can ultimately reduce pollution as it eliminates the need of using 2000 disposable water bottles.
  • Earth Friendly Nature: The GOpure Pod is completely natural as it is made using food-grade DE, which to this date has been perceived as nature’s “perfect filter” and pledges the makers.

How Does GOPure Pod Work?

GOpure Pod acts as a “magnet” for impurities, toxins, and contaminants in your water (such as lead, arsenic, mercury, chlorine, and fluoride). Simply drop it in your water bottle or cup to start enjoying delicious, clean H2O in minutes.

GOpure Pod’s patented, highly porous ceramic core uses millions of diatoms to create pores that filter out impurities, allowing GOpure Pod to remove contaminants that standard water filtration devices can’t.

This process also releases valuable trace minerals into the drinking water, which both purify and naturally enhance the water’s taste and smell. GOpure Pod doesn’t just make your water safer… it makes it taste better, too!

To put it simply, GOPure Pod works like a powerful little “magnet” for contaminants. When you drop it in your water bottle, cup, or glass, it will immediately start to attract and absorb any impurities, toxins, and contaminants.

Using it is easy:

  1. Pour yourself some water from the tap. (Anywhere. In any country.)
  2. Drop the pod into your glass, pitcher, bottle, or whatever else you’re using.
  3. Let it absorb all of the contaminants in your water for 2 minutes. (An occasional “swirl” of your glass or bottle will speed up the purification process, too.)
  4. Drink your clean, safe, crisp, and refreshing water—leaving the pod right where it is!
  5. Reuse again and again for 6 months before a new pod is automatically shipped to you.

Method to Use GoPure Pod Water Purifier:

As I explained above, GoPure Pod is very simple to use. You don’t have to watch any tutorials or study long instructions form. Follow these below steps and your water will be clean and purified.

  • Before you add the purifier to water, make sure you rinse it properly under cold water for at least 10 seconds.
  • If you are using this purifier for the first time, then don’t forget to clean your glass or water bottle before filling it with water.
  • Once filled with water, add the small tool inside and let it do its magic.
  • Repeat the process after 14 days to enjoy the optimal performance of this compact device.

GOpure Pod technical facts

  • Works in a wide variety of containers
  • Up to 264 gallons of water can be purified with each pod
  • The unit is equipped with high-quality Puriblock technology
  • Removes arsenic, fluoride, lead, PFOAS, microplastics, and chlorine.
  • The water purifier is environmentally conscious and sustainable

What Does GOPure Pod REMOVE From Your Water?

When you use your GOPure Pod, you can relax knowing that nearly ALL of the harmful contaminants from the tap have been removed! (No matter WHERE you are. Because you can take it with you ANYWHERE you go.)

  • 99.7% of E. Coli
  • 97% of Chlorine
  • 99.3% of Lead
  • 99.3% of Iron
  • 99.3% of other metals
  • 92% of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds—toxic chemicals that both vaporize into the air and dissolve in water.)

Purchasing the GOpure Pod

Though there are plenty of water filtration systems in the industry, the GOpure Pod is only found on the official website. Rather than charging the full $29.99 retail price tag, the company is currently offering a discount with any quantity.

The current packages include:

  • One GOpure Pod for $24.99
  • Three GOpure Pods for $59.98
  • Five GOpure Pods for $89.97

As helpful as the GOpure Pod is, it might not work for everyone. If the user finds that this pod doesn’t give them the most benefits possible, they can reach out to the customer service team to get a refund.


Drinking healthy and clean water is not an option but an important need today. It can protect you from different harmful diseases and increase your lifespan. However, solutions like GoPure Pod are comparatively better than filters, tap water, and water bottles that you buy from stores.

So, if you are planning to buy it, then do not wait any more, and let’s give it a shot. Since it’s an affordable, efficient, and reliable solution, many people are considering it for their family and even gifting it to their close friends. Read the review once again before you shop so you could make an informed decision.

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