iMemories Reviews 2020 [updated] – Is it worth buying?

What is iMemories?

iMemories is the easiest way to digitize home movies & photos. It turns all of your old home movies and photos lying in your closet or garage into a digital format so that you can easily view, share and enjoy those beautiful moments on every modern device.

imemories review 2020

iMemories helps you preserve those beautiful memories you have spent with your loved ones. Once you get all your movies and photos digitized you can easily access it on any device. Not just that, iMemories also enhances the picture quality! The company takes all your films, makes copies onto discs and sends you the finished product and your originals back.

iMemories is best suited for whom?

If you have boxes and reels of old family videos lying in your house iMemories will be a good choice for you. There were so many vacations your father and mother had taken you for. There were so many holidays your family had spent together. The best part was that your parents or other family members did shoot those videos and took photographs of those lovely moments spent together. With the help of iMemories you can make digital copies of it and can watch later whenever you want. There are few other companies that offer similar services, however iMemories has better reviews than its competitors. The entire process is too easy and convenient wherein you send in your memories and then get those videos and images back in a digital format. Why iMemories is a good choice for every family ?

  • You no longer have to worry about losing your old photos and films
  • You can document your family histories
  • Your parents will be delighted if you gift it
  • You can preserve your memories for future generations
  • You don’t need to have any technical skills to transfer old films to a digital format

With our detailed iMemories review, you’ll learn how easy the entire process is.

iMemories: What all do you need to know 

Back then in 80’s and 90’s video cassettes were used. One of the best things I like about iMemories is that they even offer a repair service for broken video casettes, as is common with VHS and VHS-C tapes.

Rather than have simple digital files from your scanned photographs, iMemories offers to create a video montage.Instead of having simple digital files from your photographs iMemories can also create a video montage where it takes your digital images and creates a music video from them, along with audio and editing. Even though this service costs extra, but definitely it is a good way to have a long lasting one-of-a-kind memory.

The company also makes an unlimited cloud storage solution available to its customers offering plenty of room for all of your home videos and photgraphs. You can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription for this service and the best part is iMemories does offer a 30-day free trial, so during the trial period you can check it out and see how well it works for your needs. You need to keep in mind that while the cloud service is private, there is always a risk that your photographs or videos may fall into the wrong hands.

Is iMemories worth trying? 

If all you need is simple photo scanning or video transfer then iMemories photo scanning service is definitely a good choice if. Even though the company offers many storage options still it would have been better if features such as slide and negative scanning were there too. After the free trial period of 30 days using cloud storage incurs a subscription charge but it gives you complete peace of mind, as you have a permanent digital backup of your memories which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

What all Can You Send to iMemories?

You can send almost anything to iMemories and have them added to your collection. A huge chunk of its customers send in the old videotapes that they used to document memories in the 80s and 90s. The company accepts any type of video format used in the 1980s and later, which includes both the full-size tapes and the smaller mini tapes that camcorders used. Videos saved on standard reels can be sent too. Movie production houses switched to digital formats in recent years whereas they used reels until they transition to digital happened. No matter how old the videos are, there are good chances that iMemories can help you. Yes, you read it right reels from as far back as the 1930s can be accepted by the company. 

It’s not that iMemories will only work on videos and films, it will also accept photos. If you have some old slides from a family trip and have no way to play or view those slides, with iMemories you can have your slides added to a DVD that you keep for yourself or give to a loved one. To our surprise this is one of the only companies we found that can also transfer photo negatives onto a disc.

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