Q-Grips – The Best Ear Wax Removal Kit

Having excess ear wax can be troublesome and annoying. People will suggest all types of weird home remedies to get rid of ear wax, but you should be very careful. But, we should first know the use and importance of ear wax. This is a body’s natural defenses to produce ear wax and is also helpful for cleaning, protecting, and lubricating the ear canal. It does this by trapping the dirt and preventing the growth of bacteria inside the ear. Having said that, it is also essential that it is present in small and appropriate quantities. 

Ear wax acts as a natural cleanser because of the sebaceous gland in the ear canal. It prevents any damage or infection to the ear by trapping the dust entering the eardrum. It fends off fungi, water, and bacteria from attacking the eardrum. Normally, the ear wax dries up and comes out with dust particles, but sometimes it piles up and gets dry. This can cause uneasiness, pain. Itchiness, infections, and severe cases can affect hearing too. In such cases, you need to see the doctor who will take out the excess wax and charge money for the treatment. 

What if you have a device at home which can do the same task, without any money? Q-Grips is a rotating ear cleaner that helps you get rid of excess ear wax within the comfort of your home. Q-Grips is an effective ear wax removal kit that removes the hard and difficult earwax (cerumen) very easily. It does not hurt you as it is made of soft silicone and plastic. 


What is Q-Grips?

Q-Grips are rotating tools to clear the ear wax that is blocked in the ear. It is not similar to cotton buds as it is safe to use and does not cause any injuries. It removes dirt particles, dried wax, and debris, which has fungi and bacteria, in a pain-free method. Anyone can use it easily and get rid of painful, dry, and trapped ear wax. 

Why You Need Q-Grips?

Q-Grips is the best tool for people who want to take out dry and painful ear wax. People who have problems with ear fullness, pain, itchiness, Q-Grips is the best home solution. Its tips are disposable which help you maintain clean and healthy ears so that no further infections are developed. Even if you don’t have any such problems with earwax, you can still use it to maintain good ear hygiene instead of using earbuds or swabs, as these are more harmful to use. 

Product and Technical Specifications

The product and technical specifications of Q-Grips are;

  1. They are made of Plastic and Soft Silicone
  2. The dimensions of the product are 12.5 * 1.5 * 1.5 cm
  3. Its weight is around 28gm
  4. Its color is a combination of Blue and White
  5. It is a rubber-coated handle and easy to grip
  6. The package includes 1 handle and 16 discardable silicone tips

How Q-Grips is Best for Eardrums and Canal?

Q-Grips are designed very intelligently and after a good understanding of the actual problem faced by the people. It was aimed to prevent other painful products that can cause harm to your eardrums. Ear canals and eardrums are soft, delicate parts which should not be poked hard as they can permanently get damaged. The Q-tip works on the opening of the ear canal to take out excess wax. An earbud goes up through the ear canal and damages the wax glands and eventually these glands stop producing wax forever. There is no treatment or remedy for this problem and we all know how important is ear wax for the ears. 

Q-Grips as a product went through rigorous tests and were tested on around 3000 people. No one got hurt by them during the testing time, in fact, the soft, silicone shape gave more comfort during the whole process. 

Home Remedies to Avoid

Removing wax from the ear is done at home and the majority of the people tend to use home remedies to get rid of excess ear wax. But, these remedies must be consulted with a doctor first as they can be potentially very harmful and may incur extra costs by you for treatments. Also, the treatments will be painful to bear. So avoid these self-inflicted injuries:

  • Cotton Swabs may look safe at first, but they are too small to be used inside the ears and can cause big damage.
  • Avoid items like hairpins, pen caps, etc. to take out excess wax as when you push them inside the ear, they can cause serious internal injuries in the eardrum or canal.
  • Avoid using small objects as they may go inside the eardrum completely and can even be fatal for your life. Go with the old doctor’s saying – “Do not Put Anything in Your Ear Which is Smaller than Your Elbow.”
  • Ear Candles also cause injuries like burns and punctured eardrums. 

Benefits of Using Q-Grips

The benefits of Q-Grips are:

  • They are flexible, soft and easily reach the far off places to take out fry ear wax easily
  • They are very safe to use by both adults, both men, and women
  • It protects the environment as it avoids the unnecessary waste that happens after cleaning
  • It is reasonably priced and saves you a lot of money from regularly visiting doctors to take out the excess wax

Features of Q-Grips

  1. Rotating Cleaner – The tip of this device is a rotating ear cleaner that swiftly wipes of the excess ear wax without hurting you. It is comfortable to use and can be safely used at home.
  2. Plastic and Soft Silicone – The materials used to make Q-Grips are Plastic and Soft Silicone. Other such products are made of stainless steel, but are injury-prone tools and can give you lifetime injuries. Q-Grips can easily bend and are flexible to use in the ear.
  3. Spiral Tip – The spiral tips of Q-Grips can reach where Q-tips cannot. It does not push the wax further and causes injuries, instead, the spiral tip makes it an easy experience to remove the wax. 

Pros of Q-Grips

  • It is very reasonably-priced
  • The brand is trusted by millions
  • Its plastic body is anti-slip
  • It has a soft silicone tip
  • It pulls the wax out without hurting
  • It is highly recommended by doctors
  • It is very easy to use
  • The spiral tip reaches where Q-tips cannot

Cons of Q-Grips

  • It requires flushing of the wax with a syringe, after use
  • Its crackling sound is sometimes irritating
  • It requires multiple uses 

How Q-Grips Work?


Scientists have designed Q-Grips to ensure the complete safety and comfort of the user. It removes the lard very smoothly and effectively because of the soft, spiral rotating tip.

It has attachments which comply with the formation of a human ear or canal, and thus cause no damage during use. Its effects last for quite long and come with 16 essays per piece. 

How to Use Q-Grips?

See below how you can sue Q-grips easily and safely:

  1. Form a grip on its rubber-coated handle. Don’t worry your hand will not slide down.
  2. Put the Q-Grips in the ear and twist it in the direction of the arrow.
  3. Its soft and spiral head goes at a safe distance inside the ear.
  4. Push the button and it will rotate.
  5. The wax latches on to the tip and can be easily extracted without injuring the internal ear.
  6. The cleaning head is flexible and is 2.5 cm in length, which is safe for a human ear.
  7. Then throw away the used tip after use. 
  8. You can discard it easily.
  9. You can use this device once or twice a week.

Why is Q-Grips Better than other Ear Cleaners?

Q-grips is a very gentle product made of soft materials that can bend according to the shape of your ear, thus causing no injury or harm to the ear. It is also very affordable in price and is made of great quality materials. Moreover, its rotating tip is safe and comfortable to use, in fact, it gives a gentle massage to the ear as well. Other products are not so good quality made and have plastic handles. Their tips are also not as safe as they are made of stainless steel. Q-Grip has rubber-coated handles that give a firm grip and avoid slipping of hands. Thus, you get good control of the device while using it, which also makes it extremely safe to use. 

It also protects the environment, unlike other similar products. 

What People have to say about Q-Grips?

The customers have given fantastic and positive reviews of the product. It easily swabs away the excess wax and makes you get rid of the hard and painful ear wax very effectively. It cleans them completely and prevents you from developing infections. The users recommend this product highly and also feel it is very cost-effective and will make you get rid of constant doctor visits. Not only it saves the cost of doctor fees but it also saves a lot of time in this busy ear. They feel privileged to sit at home and clean their ears. 

Where to Buy Q-Grips?

Go to the official website of Q-Grips and order your pack right away. It is easy to order and the whole process is quick. The original manufacturer will give you the best product only. 


Q-Grips is the best and safest solution that works efficiently to clear the unwanted wax in the ear. It is a very safe product as its rotating tip goes comfortably inside the ear and does not cause any damage. The soft plastic and silicone also give a gentle massage to the ear while cleaning away the excess wax. It is the best ear wax removal kit in the market today.

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