iwhite mobile teeth cleaner

V-iWhite Pro – The Best Teeth Whitener

Dental health is one area that the entire population worries about. However, this is one such area which is always a pending...

5 Second Fix Review 2020 – UV Light Liquid Plastic Welding Tool

5 SECOND FIX REVIEW - INTRODUCTION When something breaks, it can be quite frustrating, and even when it is...

TempWatch Fever Detection Watch – The Accidental Invention Taking World By Storm

A dangerous virus is rapidly taking over the globe. Multiple governments have already declared state of emergency. Virtually anyone can be infected, and medical experts still don't know all the ways it can spread.
memorysafex photostick

MemorySafeX – Backup 60,000 Photos and Videos in 1 Click (0 monthly fees)

Summary – Afraid of losing your photos because of a computer crashing? Not convinced by cloud storage? This affordable brand-new gadget MemorySafeX instantly...
ecoheat s

EcoHeat S Review – Must Buy Heater In 2019

It is now not a secret that the cold wave often catch us unprepared and that we hardly manage to adapt to temperatures that are too low. Every year we...

SnoreStop Plus Anti Snore Wrist Band for Snore Free sleep

The SnoreStop Plus Wrist Watch is a new and innovative anti-snore wrist...

DogSafe Review – Keep Your Pets Safe at Night

1.2 Million Dogs & Cats Killed At Night Last Year due to less visibility at night. Going out...

Handsan Wrist Wearable Sanitizer Review – Sanitizer a Sqeeze Away

As a viral global pandemic is currently upon us, we were inspired to create a product that would help keep us protected....
Spatial Sound Edge

Spatial Sound Edge – For the Music Lovers

All over the world, technology is being embraced by one and all. with time the innovations in technology are on the rise....

Wearable AC Plus Review – Carry a Clean Environment with You Wherever You Go

Summer is ongoing and it seems that it will last a long...

The Photostick Brief Overview – Buyers Guide

Say you have stored all your photos on your computer and all of a sudden one day the computer crashes. All the...

4Keeps Roses Review 2020 – Why These Preserved Roses Are The Best Gift?

4KEEPS ROSES REVIEW - INTRODUCTION What are the gifting items that you choose for your loved ones on special...
digital antenna

Still Paying For Cable? This Digital Antenna Review Might Help You

Summary: The American DigiTennaMax startup has introduced a new innovative and inexpensive digital antenna that is changing the way people watch expensive...
keysmart key organizer

KeySmart Key Organizer – Smart and Compact Premium Key Holder

We all have more than one key with us - the keys to the house, car keys, office locker keys, luggage keys...
rangextd extender

RangeXTD Review – Get Strong Wifi In Every Single Room

With a WiFi amplifier like the Range XTD, the signal can be amplified in the house. This can improve the quality and stability of the Internet in homes where good reception is not available everywhere.