SoloForce Solar Panel Power Bank – My Experience

Ever heard of power banks that don’t need to be plugged in for charging? I was amazed too after finding out about this thing. SoloForce is basically a wireless power bank that comes with solar powered panels on top of it.

Don’t jump to conclusion yet! I bought this power bank to test and have some analysis to share with you. ( Go to Pros and Cons section directly, if you don’t want to skip boring introduction 😀 )

A solar-powered bank is a better choice than a regular one because it allows you to charge on the go and stay powered up even when you can’t get electricity to recharge your devices.

You can charge your phone with SoloForce power bank comfortably no matter where you are.

Also, if you are on the move constantly or perform physical activities such as camping or hiking, then your best choice is a solar power bank.

SoloForce Solar Power Bank: An Overview

Smartphones are so important nowadays that its almost impossible to survive without it. And SoloForce solar power bank does the job of providing battery on the go.

I have tested this solar powered power bank to charge my iPhone X 8 times; still there was some power left on the device.

Solo Force is a solo powered power bank that comes at an affordable price and you can easily purchase it when you are on a budget.

Why I chose SoloForce Solar Power Bank over others?

While researching for power banks; I came across numerous options. Most of them were good enough, but lacked assurance in case of outdoor activities like camping and hiking.

In situations when there is no power supply for days at a stretch or no supply at all, normal power banks can be unusable once drained of power.

I stumbled upon SoloForce solar power bank and bought one from Amazon.

This device is easy to use and incase of any problems, you can open the user manual and start using it.

>> Buy SoloForce From Amazon

How does SoloForce Solar power bank work?

The device is powered using solar energy, which is always and constantly available. It comes with built-in solar panels that capture solar energy quite easily.

I charged this power bank using sunlight while I was trekking.

You can use this device with tons of ease and the moment you place your phone on it, it will glow indicated that fast charging has begun.

It also includes an LED indicator light to ensure that your phone is charging.

I would recommend you to charge it up to 100% before using initially, as like other power banks.

For me, SoloForce power bank took 2 hours to charge completely.

If you don’t own a power bank and have excessive phone time, then this power bank is a great product to invest in.

With this power bank in hand, you don’t have to wait till you get home to recharge your devices.

Features of SoloForce Solar Power Bank

  • Huge power storage: SoloForce solar power banks have huge battery capacity of 20,000 mAh; which means you can charge your phone easily for the entire day without worrying about the power bank running out of battery.
  • Features the latest batteries: The power bank is a premium one and uses 74Wh of LiPo batteries, which are quite safe. You can easily travel with them as well and don’t have any risk of catching fire.
  • Enables Wireless Charging: You can either charge your phone by connecting it to the cable or charge it up wirelessly by placing it conveniently on the wireless charging pad.
  • Fast Charging: For any solar powered power bank, SoloForce has decent charging speed; even while using wirelessly. If you charge your devices using a cable, then you can use any that are available in your homes.
  • Different inputs and outputs: This device comes with two input slots for the newer devices; one for micro USB cables and the other for Type-C charging. Also, both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 are supported.
  • Connects with all devices: The Solo Force power bank can charge all smartphones, laptops and tablets as well. It is compatible with Apple and Android devices and you can charge your devices conveniently with this particular bank.
  • Charge multiple devices: There is no need to wait for a device to charge; you can connect this to multiple devices for charging. The power bank can charge up to 4 devices at the same time and you can easily charge your laptop and your smartphone at the same time.
  • Features intelligent overcharge protection: You can easily charge or discharge 800 cycles. The solar power banks wont leave you in the middle while charging. It prevents all kind of overcharging completely.

Why Should you consider SoloForce Power Bank (Pros)

The SoloForce Solar Power Bank is one of the tough tested solar portable power bank yet.

With rigorous test over 4 weeks, here are the features which I found to be very helpful that can work in its favor:

Solar Panel Charging

The very first reason that proved to be star is solar panel charging. You can carry it anywhere; even to the farthest point in the country and you’ll still have access to uninterrupted power supply.

The best way to receive sunlight illumination is at a 45-degree angle. You can also view the power consumption by pressing the power ON/OFF button.

Wireless Charging

The Soloforce built-in Qi wireless charging pad with LED lights ensures fast and easy wireless charging for any iPhone and Android compatible smartphone device.

You can always switch to wireless charging or wired. With a press of power button, the battery power will be displayed.

Simply place your cell phone on the pad and enjoy the most convenient portable charging you can get.

When the red light flashes three times, the long light indicates that wireless charging has begun.

LED lights

The LED light of the Solo Force Power bank can last up to 70 hours, which works perfectly incase there is a power outage or any kind of emergency.


The Solo Force power bank comes in a great and minimalistic design. It comes packed with various features and is great to use.

The device has a silicone case and it doesn’t get too dirty easily, making it look new for a long period of time.


The Soloforce solar power bank is a tough and tested power bank. I have had it tested its durability enough to ensure excellent durability.

Thanks to extensive research and top quality materials, you can count on the Soloforce power bank to provide superior strength and dependability that make it the best solar power bank for camping.

The product has a shock resistant and sturdy case.

Water-resistant design

The Soloforce Power Bank is crafted from superior IP66 waterproof; you don’t have to worry about the light splashes of water.

The Soloforce waterproof power bank is protected and ready for you to power up as many as 4 devices at once wherever you need it, rain or shine.

What are the limitations of SoloForce Power Banks (Cons)

You might see some people reporting that SoloForce power bank doesn’t have any specific cons other than availability.

This is not true. It’s a clickbait.

Here are few of the features that can be its drawback:


With an added solar panel module, soloforce power bank is heavier than your normal power banks. This is an advantage as well as drawback.

Outer Covering

While other power banks have hard metal outer layer, Soloforce power bank has a silicon case.

While it is necessary for solar panel protection, I found it old fashioned.


Lastly, as everyone is reporting, this solar powered power bank is available only on Amazon and some other e-retailers; not in your neighborhood store.

What makes SoloForce Power banks Unique

The Solo Force Charger is an energy-friendly invention and helps provide great charging options for all the users. It comes in a classy and appealing look, which makes it quite attractive for the users.

Moreover, it is made using high quality materials and doesn’t use any cheap materials ensuring that it will last a long time. Also, it supports all types of phones and has a high power LED that can easily last up to 70 hours in a go.

How to Buy SoloForce solar power bank

You can order your SoloForce solar power bank from Amazon.

>>Buy Now From Amazon


The Solo Force charger is much better compared to its competitors because it has amazing features and design.

It is a low priced device and comes with high-grade batteries, which is beautifully engineered with the latest and best features. It is quite an affordable device and comes with great reviews as well.

The Solo Force power bank is a great power bank for your phones and laptops. It is capable of charging four devices at the same time and comes with tons of power to charge your device almost 8 times a day.

The power bank is quite safe to use as well because of its advanced batteries and great overcharge protection feature.

Also, the device is quite easy to use and is also quite affordable compared to the other devices in the market.

Buy Now From Amazon

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