Sound Blast Review – The Activity Tracker With Earbuds That Has Sold One Million Units In a Month

An activity bracelet or a smartwatch? This question is one of the main doubts that people have when buying a device of this type. Activity bracelets and sports watches are two wearables that have become very fashionable in recent years. Both have a series of their own characteristics that are different depending on the model in question, but which will undoubtedly be the basis for trying to find the device that best suits the needs of each one. But, what if the two are unified by adding headphones?

A group of workers belonging to an important Korean company specializing in activity wristbands, wireless headphones and smartwatches, decided to leave their company to launch a totally new project on the market.An innovative fusion between an activity bracelet, portable headphones and a smartwatch. We are talking about SoundBlast.

SoundBlast: The envy of all wireless smartwatches, fitness tracker and earbuds.

How much we move, how much we sleep, what our pulse is like. Activity bracelets are devices that allow us to know what our daily habits are like. In addition, they also allow us to know at a glance the main notifications of our mobile. But SoundBlast is much more than that. Monitors heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen volume in real time. As if this were not enough, it includes wireless headphones for your smartphone or tablet that can be controlled from the smart bracelet.

Over the last few years we have tested many proposals from the main brands and we have thoroughly analyzed aspects such as their interface, measurements, autonomy and how comfortable they are. We have never seen anything like SoundBlast! We have found the best activity bracelet under 100 Dollars.

Multi Function Activity Tracker

We are facing a bracelet capable of measuring our heart rate thanks to the professional optical system that it incorporates, it is also capable of monitoring our pulse , warning by means of a vibration if it notices that something is not going in the right way.

Another of its functions is to monitor our sleep by indicating the phases we have gone through the night before, such as deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep or when we are awake. It is also capable of measuring and recording the number of steps and calories we take and spend per day, it can measure the level of oxygen in the blood thanks to all the data stored in the application that the bracelet uses to connect with our mobile phone and accumulate information. And there is still much more, read on to discover all the benefits of SoundBlast!

High-quality, great-sounding wireless earbuds in this fitness tracker!

SoundBlast wireless headphones feature a low battery drain system In addition, thanks to bluetooth 5.0 that allows a connection of up to 10 meters away and its innovative noise reduction technology, it manages to offer a high quality, balanced and stable sound.

For ease of use, the SoundBlast headphones have touch control, so we can change songs, raise or lower the volume and answer calls by tapping our fingers while we exercise or are in the office. SoundBlast is the only activity tracker with built-in wireless headphones on the market and it is without a doubt the best option you can find.

The Complete Activity Bracelet on the Market

The opinions that SoundBlast has are quite positive , those who already have it say that it “has an unbeatable value for money.”

If we start to do calculations, an activity bracelet and wireless headphones separately on the market usually have a price of € 200. If we want a Smartwatch, we would already speak of more than € 500. SoundBlast which is an activity bracelet, smartwatch and wireless headphones costs less than € 100!

This hybrid that is making its place in the smartphone market by leaps and bounds has nothing to envy of the expensive products of the competition!

How Does SoundBlast Activity Tracker and Earbud works!

Sport, music and health as a lifestyle

SoundBlast has eight training modes , some are running, walking, elliptical, rowing, or simple training. In this way you can specifically control the sport you are going to do.

This activity bracelet also serves us as if it were a smartwatch , since we can receive the notifications that reach our smartphone, to know who calls us, who sends us a WhatsApp or an SMS. and allows us to take photos remotely from the bracelet. It also shows us the date and time.

Not only is SoundBlast an activity tracker, it also features a wireless earbud and doubles as a charging base. For them that is fully functional. Via Bluetooth, it works with 99% of smartphones.

You cannot miss this opportunity!

Main Advantages!

  1. Monitors heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen volume in real time.
  2. Notification of messages and calls, remote photography, date and time, pedometer and calorie control.
  3. Built-in bluetooth 5.0 headphones to listen to music while doing sports. Control Bluetooth headset by smart bracelet.
  4. Perfect for listening to music while practicing sports, walking or doing any daily activity

How can you buy SoundBlast?

You can place your order online through the official website in India to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

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