Xtra PC Review – Best Device To Boost Your Computer Speed?

Our lives have been dominated by laptops, computers, desktops, etc. Be it a school, our workplace or even at home, this piece of technology has become quite critical for creating reports, submitting reports and completing the output. Be it even a simple activity like creating a specific food item, calls for the use of a laptop.

However, these devices must function properly all the time in order to save on time, extra expenses and to ensure your work is stress free. A slow PC or laptop can be quite torturous and though the device itself can be replaced, you can also update the operating system instead. So which choice is a better one? Buying a brand new desktop could be expensive and updating the operating system might not be easy for beginners.

For such users, Xtra PC becomes the perfect option!

xtra pc

Xtra PC Review – What is it?

So, what exactly is this Xtra PC and the hype about it? It is the best solution available for those who suffer daily from a slow and old computer. It is a tiny thumb drive that can be plugged into a USB port that lies in the laptop or computer, and is quite similar to a memory stick. It has the ability to override the operating system which is slow and outdated with a Linux OS that is fast and packed with features.

People those who face issues with their laptops or computers mostly opt for a new model. However, with Xtra PC, it takes a few minutes to solve this issue at a lesser cost! Xtra PC works well with PCs as well as Macbooks and is compatible with laptops, computers as well as netbooks that have been launched post 2004. The first and most popular version is the Xtra-PC Turbo 16.

The Functioning of the Xtra PC

Firstly, the ISP or internet service provider fixes the internet’s maximum speed. Many of the firms have a maximum limit and the data slows down when you reach the limit. The speed depends on the area where you reside, the internet provider, and even the area where your wireless router has been fixed. In areas where the speed of the internet might be slow, the internet providers provide access to Linux.

This kind of OS generally comes in a disc format. These days, most of the computers do not have a CD Drive, which is where the Xtra PC helps! Xtra-PC offers the user access to OS and also offers the required support. People who have limited knowledge and experience might find it tough to install the Xtra PC  and use it.

xtra pc review

However, it also offers all the support needed which will help you through the process. The OS is on the USB drive and you get additional storage as well which depends on the USB that you purchase. Linux is one such operating system which is trusted and loved by professionals.

Xtra-PC Review – How To Use?

It is quite easy to use the Xtra-PC and it is quite similar to how you use a USB or flash drive. On receiving the product, remove the packaging, switch on your computer, insert the drive in the USB port.  Also, make sure any program running in the background is shut down. The computer or laptop will need some time to recognize the device and a window pops up asking you what you intend to do with the new device. You must click on the the “Run and Download” prompt that is displayed.

The entire process requires very less time, however, this is totally dependent on the speed of the internet. In case the speed is slow, you might need an hour or even more for the OS to get downloaded. Note that do not leave the computer when you begin this process, as there will be many questions prompted to which you will have to select the required options.

When the process comes to an end, there will be a few changes to the screen or the homepage. Once Linux has been downloaded it can be used to work or perform any activity.

Is the Xtra-PC compatible with a Mac?

The Xtra PC comes with a set of instructions specifically for owners of Macs regarding the usage of the product on a Mac.

There might be a few additional steps to be followed.

xtra-pc review

Where Can The Xtra PC be used?

Once you have the Xtra PC, you can do a lot of things. The main feature of this Xtra PC is the Linux OS, and this enables you to perform all the things that you could with a different OS.

  • You can check emails, send emails to people on the list of contacts.
  • You can surf the internet, visit favorite websites.
  • You can access your documents and edit them.
  • You can download files.
  • You can listen to your music.
  • You can watch videos, films, etc.
  • You can also use spreadsheets if required.

When using the Linux OS, you get complete access to both software as well as programs. You must remember that all your files might not get transferred. Xtra PC overwrites your existing OS and it could skip a few files. If you want the speed of your computer to improve and you still wish to make use of certain programs, you must check for viruses and also get a signal booster.

The Linux OS by Xtra-PC is a very simple way of using Google Docs as well as various online programs which could be accessed from any device whenever you access your account by logging in.

Who is the Xtra PC best suited for?

Xtra-PC has been designed for anybody who intends to speed up an old computer or laptop. In order to get rid of temporary files and unwanted programs, make use of the disk cleanup setting as this improves the speed. Xtra-PC usually works for those who wish to make use of Linux and those people who have no qualms about moving to a totally new operating system. It might be a bit different from the OS you use at present.

People who could benefit from the Xtra-PC are:

  • People who wish to use old laptops/computers which have an old OS.
  • People who wish to reuse computers which don’t have a hard drive.
  • Those who have computers which are not being used due to malware/viruses.
  • Those who have computers which do not have an OS.

Does XTRA-PC Work well with an Old Computer?

Xtra PC has been designed to be accessed and compatible with a wide range of computers and devices. All you need is a USB port for the plugging in to the device and it will start working. A good internet speed also helps.

Where to Buy the Xtra PC?

 It is recommended to purchase the Xtra PC from its official website due to the following reasons:

  • They offer a wide range of products
  • A good warranty is offered.
  • They also offer fast shipping of the product
  • You can make use of live customer support
  • They support different methods of payment

In addition to these benefits, bulk buyers get a good discount. The first product will be charged at full price. However, a 40% discount is applied to all the other products that you purchase simultaneously. This is a good offer especially if you have to gift your tech lovers in the family or friends circle. The products also come with a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Xtra PC Review


  • The setup is quite simple and easy.
  • You save on the cost involved in purchasing a new device.
  • You can add programs like Skype easily.
  • It will not alter the device and you can still access any files stored.
  • It will work even with a faulty drive or PCs that are virus-infected.
  • You can select from the 3 different versions based on your budget.
  • You get a money-back guarantee of 30 days.
  • The product can be used on multiple devices.
  • It assures privacy when you browse the internet.
  • You can retrieve lost files using the Filerez software


  • The setup process requires internet connectivity with good speed.
  • The product might not work with computers and laptops with an OS that was created prior to 2004.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, for every single person who owns a laptop or computer, Xtra-PC is like a dream come true. It is just a simple USB drive that can boost your computer and restore its performance at a cost lesser than what would go in buying a new computer. It’s a real life-saver, and you can place your order direct from the brand’s website.

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